STRATEGIC LOCATION: Since our warehousing and distribution center is close to our clients’ most of points of sale, we can guarantee a quick and efficient dispatch. This advantage has been well used by the greatest retailers in Peru, who are also located in this new logistic park.
TECHNOLOGY: The use of high technology allows us to have a real-time complete view. Through our systems, the client will have on-line information on the location, condition and costs of each product unit. We have spacious storage facilities provided with wireless Internet access and radio communication, excellent lighting, leveling ramps, automatic doors, temperature and humidity controls.
FLEXIBILITY AND VALUE ADDED: ISCO will be always available to develop and design programs tailor-made to each client's needs. We ensure solutions to each specific need through our customized and competent service and value added services.
SECURITY:We have security service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week performed by armed security personnel, as well as a monitoring system with digital CCTV cameras and movement sensors, strict entry control processes, independent fire prevention and control systems. In addition, we have earthquake-resistant storage facilities and racks with independent electric support systems.